Ben Teeter


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ben Teeterís artistic talent emerged quickly.When not in the classroom or on the sports field, Ben was developing his art skillsópainting everything from his favorite athletes to portraits of family and friends.By the time Ben was 13 years old, he had already started creating a buzz on the local sports and art scene selling his work at sporting events, memorabilia shows and autograph signings, often to the athletes themselves.


In high school, Ben continued to excel and develop his work, being featured at several local art shows and voted by fellow students and teachers as the top artist at the school.Upon graduation, Teeter was awarded several high school scholarships to attend the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he embarked on a rigorous course of study to hone his career

in fine art.


During his senior year at RISD, Ben was selected to study abroad as a member of The European Honors Program (EHP) in Rome Italy.While in Rome, Benís passion continued to grow as he learned to paint in different styles and studied about art and its history.Upon his return to RISD, Ben received a bachelor of fine arts with honors in 1999.


After years of studying and traveling, Ben blended his painting skills with is lifelong passion for sports and unique fine art, developing a style that is very much his own, reflecting his life experiences, talents, and who he is as a person.Just some of Benís brand of unique style can be seen in his Sports in Motion work where he captures the energy and movement of the athlete.With his musical portraits, he listens to the music of the artist while he paints to capture the mood and feel for the work, and his captivating landscapes have a way of looking as if the colors are going to leap right off the canvas.Since graduation Ben has established himself as one of the most promising up and coming artists on the scene today.


In January of 2001 and 2002, Ben was invited to join the top players in the NFL in New Orleans and Tampa Bay after being commissioned to do paintings for the NFL Alumni player of the year awards, that were given to selected players at the Super Bowl.


In 2005, Ben was hired by Donruss Baseball Card Co. to paint oil paintings of current and former players for their upcoming edition of Diamond King Baseball Cards, giving Ben the opportunity to go back to his childhood and paint the cards he had collected as a kid.


Benís work can be found in the homes of many professional athletes, fans, charities and numerous galleries and sports memorabilia shops around the country.Ben currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife.