The Uniforms of the New York Rangers!


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Titled “Broadway Blueshirts” and licensed by the National Hockey League, we present the uniforms history of the New York Rangers.


Please note the print visuals shown here on our website simply cannot do justice to the meticulous detail of the actual print.  In addition, the year each uniform was first introduced is inscribed underneath.  Please also note the uniforms print you receive may have been updated with additional uniforms than what is shown on the print displayed above.


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Here then is the history of the Rangers’ Uniforms …


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1927-28        George Lewis “Tex” Rickard, a businessman raised in Texas, became a well-known sportsman in New York by promoting boxing matches. Rickard with several other well-to-do entrepreneurs formed the Madison Square Garden Corporation, and built the arena in the same name. For its first season in 1925-26 it housed the New York Americans, which were well received in the big apple. Rickard along with MSG’s president Colonel John S. Hammond created a new team for New York, the Rangers. They began play in the 1926-27 season in the newly created American Division of the National Hockey League. Their first season found them in first place for the division with the leagues leading scorer Bill Cook, who was joined by his brother Fred and center Frank Boucher, to form an incredibly offensive line.

The Rangers jersey looks remarkably similar to that of the uniforms they wear today. The tradition of their blue shirts with red letters is a classic that is still intact. The team name, “RANGERS” is blazoned in red with white borders across the chest, while red and white trim go around the sleeves and at the bottom of the jersey. There is also white on the cuffs and around the collar.

This season, only the Rangers second, would find them playing for the Stanley Cup against the Montreal Maroons. The series would go the full five games, with New York coming out on top to win their first championship.


1932-33        This Rangers jersey has only a few minor changes from the previous one. The red stripes on the armband are smaller and the white cuffs have been taken away.

Despite finishing in third place in the American Division, the Rangers found themselves in the finals once again, facing the Toronto Maple Leafs, who they played the year before and lost to the Leafs in three straight, (note: the Rangers didn’t even get a chance to play at MSG, as the second game was scheduled to be, when the event had to be move to Boston due to the circus being in New York). This time it was the Rangers turn to take it to the Leafs, when they took a 2-0 lead in the best of five series. With the circus back at MSG the Rangers were only able to play the first game on home ice, relinquishing the home advantage to the Leafs and the Garden. Toronto came back in the third game to clog the bleeding, but in game four the Rangers put an end to the Leafs season by beating them in overtime 1-0.  In only seven short years the Rangers already collected two Stanley Cup championships.


1939-40        Once again there has been little to no tinkering with the Rangers jersey.

As of the 1938-39 season, the league got rid of the two divisions, the Canadian and American and amalgamated them together. Once again the Circus came to town, as well as the Toronto Maple Leafs for a Stanley Cup showdown. The first two games were played back to back at MSG and the rest would go to the Gardens in Toronto. The Rangers took those first two, but then had the Leafs come back to win the next two to tie the series. It took the Rangers five periods in game five to take a 3-2 lead, with only one win left to claim the Cup. Overtime would once again become a factor in game seven as the Rangers Bryan Hextall would score the game winner, giving the Rangers a third Cup in only 14 seasons. New York Ranger fans would learn to relish this championship, as it would take 54 years before they would see another one.


1946-47        Finally some change in the uniform! The “RANGERS” that always ran across the jersey from the right shoulder down to the left hip, is now curved and running vertically across the chest. This is the first time on the poster that we see a player’s number on a jersey. It was placed on the very front of the chest as opposed to the sleeves, where we will see it on future uniforms.

During the 40’s, the Stanley Cup was owned by the Leafs, winning it five times and the Canadiens who won the Cup twice. The Rangers on the other hand were a depleted team with World War II raging on as the team finished out of the playoffs for five years straight.


1958-59        This is the first white home jersey we see on the poster, and the “RANGERS” is now across the chest running from the top right to the bottom lest. Also the letter style has been altered to the style they wear today, with blue letters and a red shadow. The stripes on the sleeves are now blue and red, as well as the bottom of the jersey. Another first is the striping on the shoulders. The collar is now red with the addition of laces at the top. The number we last saw on the front of the jersey is now on the sleeve, where it would stay, (note: the numbers were just blue, they did not have the red shadow like the letters).


Even though the Rangers were finishing in the bottom of the standings, one player that stood out for the team was right winger Andy Bathgate who led the team in points for eight straight seasons and was near the top of the NHL scoring leaders for this time.


1965-66        Once again we see a white home jersey, with only one minor change from the last uniform we saw. The team has added blue cuffs to the sleeves.

The NHL expanded from six teams to twelve for the 1967-68 season with the addition of teams in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Oakland. The Rangers of the 60’s had four winning seasons with their best being the expansion year, finishing second to the Canadiens in their new “East Division”.
1971-72        The road blue jersey we show here is the first one on the poster with the letters that are the same as they wear today. The only difference on this jersey and previous one’s are the numbers on the sleeves. The numbers now are red with a white outline, compared to the blue numbers from before.

The 70’s started out well for the Rangers, as this season saw them head into the playoffs by beating the Canadiens in the first round 4 games to 2. Their next victim in the semifinals was the Blackhawks, who didn’t win a game against the powerful Rangers. It was on to the Stanley Cup finals against Bobby Orr’s Bruins. Boston tamed the Rangers and took the Cup in six games, with Orr winning the Conn Smythe trophy.
1972-73        This home jersey is very similar to the last one we saw for the 1965-66 season, with a few changes. The blue cuffs have been extended and the numbers are now blue with a red outline.


The Rangers make another run for the Cup this season, but fall short in the semifinals to the Blackhawks who won the series 4 games to 1. This season would also be the first time that Madison Square Garden would play host to the All Star game. The East beat the West 5-4.

1976-77        Finally some change in the jersey. The logo we see on the chest is new to the poster. The shield had both the “NEW YORK” and “RANGERS” on it, for the first time. The trim on the jersey has also changed with the blue and red stripes running from the collar all the way down to the cuff. Also at the bottom of the jersey there was a thicker blue stripe with a thinner red stripe at the top. The numbers on the sleeve have once again changed to one colour, white, without any outlines. The laces on the collar are gone and we now see a v-neck style collar.

After making the playoffs in the 74-75 season, it was the “other” New York team, the Islanders, who joined the league in 72-73 that treated their older brother team with little respect by knocking the Rangers out of the first round of the playoffs.


1979-80        The team went back to the old style jersey’s as we see with this road uniform. The major change that they made was replacing “RANGERS” on the front with “NEW YORK”.


This season would mark the beginning of New York’s Stanley Cup dominance, the Islanders that is. They would win the Cup this year and the next three to make it four straight. Meanwhile the Rangers were having a tough go of it, finishing behind the Islanders season after season.


1991-1992   The only addition to this jersey is the patch on the upper left chest, which every team wore this year in celebration of the NHL’s 75th Anniversary.


The Rangers were back to being the dominant New York team once again, but would have trouble getting past Mario Lemieux’s Pittsburgh Penguins in the division finals, with the eventual Stanley Cup champions dispatching the Rangers 4 games to 2.


1993-94        The Rangers wore a Stanley Cup patch in the finals this season, which teams began doing in the 90’s.

Once again the Rangers were a hit on Broadway, as they stormed through the playoffs behind their Captain Mark Messier. The team breezed through the first two rounds, losing only one game, then faced the New Jersey Devils in the Conference Finals. After the Devils went up 3 games to 2, the Rangers came back to win the next came and force a seventh and deciding game. It would take two overtime periods to decide who would go to the Stanley Cup finals, with the Rangers coming out on top 2-1. They faced the Vancouver Canucks in the final and took a comfortable 3-1 lead in the series, only to have the Canucks win the next two and once again force a final game seven. Messier made a bold prediction before the game: “We’ll win tonight.” In a thrilling game, the Rangers leader was true to his word, winning the game 3-2 and collecting the Rangers first Stanley Cup in 54 years.




1997-98        The Rangers adopted a new logo as we see on this 3rd jersey. The Statue of Liberty head and crown logo also had the letters “NYR” underneath. The shoulders have the older shield logo, while the sleeves stripes have changed to a “V” pattern.

In 1996 the Rangers signed a free agent player by the name of Wayne Gretzky. The best player of all time joined the team and his old friend Mark Messier, creating an instant buzz around the team. Gretzky’s attempt to help the Rangers regain the Cup would come to an end when he announced his retirement with only two games left in the 1999 season. In a spectacular send off at Madison Square Garden, the Great One waved farewell one final time, ending his career with countless records and memories of the game he loves.




The New York Rangers: “Broadway Blueshirts”



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