The Uniforms of the New York Giants!


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Titled “Center Of The Football Universe” and licensed by the National Football League, we present the uniforms history of the New York Giants.


Please note the print visuals shown here on our website simply cannot do justice to the meticulous detail of the actual print.  In addition, the year each uniform was first introduced is inscribed underneath.  Please also note the uniforms print you receive may have been updated with additional uniforms than what is shown on the print displayed above.


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Here then is the history of the Giants’ Uniforms …


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1929  On August 1, 1925, Timothy James Mara helped purchase the All-Collegian Professional Football Club, Inc. for $500 – New York’s entree into the National Professional Football League. He arranged to rent the Polo Grounds to host the team’s games, and named his club the New York Giants after the baseball club that shared the same field. This is a somewhat surprising move by today’s standards because you would never be allowed to name one team after another without being sued. Did you know that the baseball Giants originally got their name because of New York’s “giant” buildings?

Of particular note on the 1929 jersey are the two tan patches under the arms. This material was raised felt, which helped the ball carrier secure the football. Also note that the helmets at this time lacked face-guards and chinstraps.


1930  Notice the blue ‘yoke’ on the shoulders of the 1930 jersey and the addition of the uniform number on the front of the jersey. This jersey launched the Giants’ red, white and blue tradition – the three colors that grace the Giants’ uniform even today. 


1933  The Giants lost to the Chicago Bears in the 1933 NFL Championship 23-21.  Hall of Fame Center Mel Hein was the strength of New York’s line, on offense and defense. Sports ‘aficionados’ might notice how closely this jersey resembles the jersey design of another great franchise – the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens. The richness of the red with its wide horizontal blue band flanked by two white stripes across the chest truly resembles a hockey sweater! Note the blue yoke on the shoulders and blue cuffs (almost collegiate in appearance) and the unusual red striping pattern on the blue helmet.


1934  This is the year of the infamous “basketball sneaker” NFL championship game between the 8-5 Giants and the 13-0 Chicago Bears. On an icy December 9, 1934 in New York, traction at the Polo Grounds was a huge problem. Abe Cohen, a tailor who helped the Giants out on Sundays, scrambled around town and was able to borrow nine pairs of basketball shoes from Manhattan College during halftime. The Giants used the extra “gripping” power to overcome a 10-3 halftime deficit and went on to win the game 30-13 – capturing their first NFL championship!

We think the 1934 jersey and helmet are absolutely beautiful. The helmet: a blue & white mix with reinforced leather offered greater protection than earlier designs. The jersey has a white number with red trim set against a blue body, with a thick white yoke that extends down each arm. Our research shows that the jersey had RED stripes down the sides of the body – whereas other sources portrayed those stripes as being white. If anybody out there has an actual jersey, or color photograph of this jersey – we would love to hear from you!


1936  What a clean, stunning design! This jersey is yet another evolution of the red, white & blue theme. The cherry red front number and neckline against the blue yoke and white jersey is very simple, yet elegant. Note how the blue yoke matches the vertical panels under the arms as well as the blue on the helmet - a similar design to the 1934 helmet with a bit more reinforcement. Another subtle difference is seen in the pants, which are a darker, gray-blue khaki with white belt and lacing.


1945  This is a classic look! A white number against a solid red jersey. Note the yoke has been dropped, and the pants are now white. Their traditional blue was found in the helmet – blue with red stripes from front to back (still no face mask on most helmets). In the 1943, 1944 and 1945 seasons, the Giants wore this red jersey for home games. For road games against teams whose home jersey was also red, New York wore a blue jersey with a tan helmet.


1956  The Giants moved to Yankee Stadium this year and in the process captured their 3rd NFL championship (the first was in 1934, the second in 1938). On December 30, in front of 56,000 fans at Yankee Stadium, the Giants trounced the Bears 47-7!

The 1956 jersey, worn by such New York greats as Frank Gifford, Mel Triplett, Charley Conerly & Rosey Grier, was also the “throwback” jersey the Giants chose to reproduce in 1994 for the NFL’s 75th anniversary. Notice the three stripes (one thick, two narrow) above the numbers on the sleeves. Notice also that this helmet has a single faceguard bar for protection - facemasks began to be used in the 1940’s and by 1956 most players were wearing face masks. The helmet itself is solid blue with a red stripe down the center – a basic style the Giants kept for many years to follow.


1962  The Giants lost the 1962 NFL championship to Green Bay 16-7. The Giants of this era were a great team, but they came up short in the championship game on more than one occasion. They made it to the NFL Championship game 5 times in the 6 year period 1958-1963 but lost each time. Two of the loses were to the Colts, two to the Packers and the final loss was to the Bears.

This uniform is now almost synonymous with Giants’ Quarterback Y.A. Tittle, one of the most photographed players of this golden age of Giants football. Note that white numbers now appear on both the front of the jersey and on the upper sleeves. The jersey lacks any sort of striping, although the pants have red and blue stripes.

This helmet has what is considered to be one of the best helmet logos ever! In 1961 this beautiful “ny” logo was added to the sides of the helmet, and it remained in use until the end of the 1975 season. The “ny” would return for the 1994 throwback uniform celebrating the NFL’s 75th anniversary, and then return again beginning in the 2000 season. Note also that this 1962 helmet has the uniform number on its front.


1971  This year was Fran Tarkenton’s fifth and last season with the Giants. This classic white short-sleeved jersey with blue numbers and red & blue cuffs is yet another Giants classic - simple yet beautiful. The pants still have blue and red stripes and the helmet’s  front numbers have been dropped.


1986  The Giants win their first Superbowl, and fourth NFL Championship (previous wins came in 1934, 1938 and 1956)!  Led by Coach Bill Parcells and players such as Phil Simms , “LT” (Lawrence Taylor), Phil McConkey & Mark Bavaro – New York exploded for 30 points in the second half of Super Bowl XXI to beat John Elway and the Denver Broncos 39-20.

This particular jersey is blue with red and white striping along the v-neck collar line and armbands. The numbers are white with red trim. Also notice the helmet with its distinctive “GIANTS” logo. This logo was adopted in 1976 and remained in use until the 2000 season (the only exception was in 1994 when the Giants wore special “throwback” uniforms in honor of the NFL’s 75th anniversary).

Please also note the small circular patch on the left shoulder of the jersey. It reads “Spider 43” and has an outline of a spider and honors Carl “Spider” Lockhart. Lockhart wore #43 and played for the Giants from 1965 to 1975. He died at the age of 43 in 1986 while serving as a team coach.


1990  The Giants are Super Bowl champions again in 1990! The team Bill Parcells called “the most underestimated” went on to win Super Bowl XXV against the Buffalo Bills 20-19 in one of the most dramatic Superbowl games of all time!

Note the patch below the left shoulder – a patch worn by both Super Bowl participants. This is the first instance of a special Superbowl patch worn by both teams during the Superbowl, a pattern which will be continued sporadically throughout the 1990’s.

A note about the mesh: The Giants and most other NFL teams have worn jerseys made from “mesh” for many years (in some cases dating back to the late 1960’s), but pictures of the 1990 Giants’ jersey mesh seem particularly transparent, making it possible for fans to see the equipment players wear underneath their jerseys. We believe the powers that be deemed the mesh too revealing – and subsequent jersey designs across the league have used a denser material.

1994  This 1994 jersey celebrates the NFL’s 75th anniversary, and was known as a “throwback” jersey. All NFL teams wore a throwback jersey for at least a few games in 1994. The Giants’ throwback jersey was a short sleeved throwback to the style worn in the late 50’s and early 60’s - please see the 1956 jersey.

Notice also the special NFL 75th Anniversary commemorative patch below the left shoulder, and the change from the ‘GIANTS’ logo back to the classic ‘ny’ logo on the helmet. The fans loved the “ny” logo so much that in 2000 the team reintroduced this logo as the official team logo.


1999  1999 marked the 75th anniversary of Giants’ football, an occasion honored by the special commemorative patch worn on the left shoulder on the 1999 jersey.  Look carefully around the blue uniform numbers and you’ll notice thin, red trim around the jersey numbers. You’ll also see a small NFL logo just below the “V” of the neck and on the upper left thigh of the pants. Most team uniforms added these two NFL logos beginning in 1991, and almost all uniforms have had them since with the notable exception of the 1994 “throwback” jerseys.

2000  The year 2000 marked a new era in Giants’ history – both the home and away uniforms went through a major re-design and yielded a complete new look for the Giants. You’ll notice that the uniform numbers are now on top of the shoulders, not on the sleeves. You’ll also see that the NFL logo is nestled inside a small red triangle in the shirt’s V-neckline, and that this is not a red undershirt – it’s actually part of the uniform! Beneath the NFL logo, you’ll see a small “GIANTS” logo, known as a secondary logotype. The addition of a secondary team logo just below the V-neck is now used by numerous teams. Note also that the sleeves of this particular jersey are elasticized – so defenders can’t grab excess material and use it to their advantage!


2007 After a solid but undistinguished regular season, the Giants show their true character in the post-season and unleash their potential as a force to be reckoned with.  They methodically dispatch their overmatched opponents—all on the road.  Super Bowl XLII: The Giants encounter the New England Patriots, the first 19-0 team in NFL History.  The GIANTS slay goliath in dramatic fashion..  In other words, the Champions outchampion the presumptive champions!  Big Blue stands tall.




The New York Giants: “Center Of The Football Universe”



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