The Uniforms of the Detroit Red Wings!


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Titled “Red And White, Forever,” and licensed by the National Hockey League, we present the uniforms history of the Detroit Red Wings.


Please note the print visuals shown here on our website simply cannot do justice to the meticulous detail of the actual print.  In addition, the year each uniform was first introduced is inscribed underneath.  Please also note the uniforms print you receive may have been updated with additional uniforms than what is shown on the print displayed above.


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Here then is the history of the Red Wings’ Uniforms …


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1926-27        The Western Hockey League – whose winner battled the NHL’s for the Stanley Cup, folded after the 1925-26 season. A large portion of the Victoria Cougars’ personnel (who won the Cup in the 1924-25 season) became the Detroit Cougars and began operations for the 1926-27 season (incidentally, the WHL team in Portland, Oregon became the Chicago Blackhawks!). Note the stylized ‘D’ on the front of the jersey – very similar to the Detroit Tigers’ ‘D’! We imagine the Cougars adopted this look to pay compliment to its fellow Motor City neighbour. Something very interesting…unlike most NHL teams – which have an icon on their jersey, the Cougars, and later the Falcons, chose not to have a visual icon on their sweater!


1927-28        The Cougars have radically altered their uniform – placing a giant ‘Detroit’ on the chest and adding a barrage of stripes. Ironically, the Red Wings in 1991-92 (the NHL’s 75th anniversary) chose to honour THIS uniform in ‘throwback’ fashion – even though technically, they weren’t the Red Wings! A few interesting tidbits…the Cougars’ sweater lacked a visual of a cougar (opting instead for ‘Detroit’ across the chest)…did you know…while the Detroit Olympia was being built, the Cougars practiced and played its games out of Windsor Arena? In fact, the arena is still used today (2001), making it the oldest NHL-used arena still in use!


1930-31        The Detroit franchise converts its name from the Cougars to the Falcons! They would keep this name until 1932-33 – when the team went into receivership, was re-organized and renamed the Red Wings. If anyone out there owns a first edition version of this poster, you’ll note the Falcons jersey is erroneously labeled ‘1929-30’ – they were the Detroit Cougars until the 1930-31 season! Of special note, the Detroit jersey still lacks any kind of icon or visual symbolizing the team’s nickname – very uncommon throughout NHL history.


1935-36        The Red Wings win their first Stanley Cup – which would turn out to be the first of back-to-back titles – defeating the Maple Leafs 3 games to 1. The jersey showcased here, finally shows a visual icon. Here’s the story…James Norris, Sr., an American industrialist, bought the troubled Falcons franchise and renamed it the Red Wings. A former player for the Montreal AAA’s (Amateur Athletic Association) Winged Wheelers, Norris exported & altered the Montreal logo and made it the Red Wings’ icon…Detroit’s infamous ‘winged wheel’ was born! Another interesting trivia tidbit…Detroit is the only team to use only a 2-colour jersey scheme (with the exception of patches) throughout their ENTIRE history!



World War II is in full effect – and its presence trickles down to professional sports! Due to restrictions on train scheduling, the NHL institutes a rule change…canceling regular season overtime. Overtime would be once again re-instated for the 1983-84 season. Note the special outlined player numbers on the right sleeve of the 1942-43 sweater, and the ‘V’ on the left sleeve. Every player in the NHL wore this ‘V’ (standing for ‘victory’)  

to help support North America’s troops across the Atlantic, and to boost morale back home. If you look closely, underneath the ‘V’ are 3 dots & a dash. We’re not quite sure what this stands for (morse code?)…if anyone out there knows the significance of the symbol, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to know!
1949-50        The 1949-50 season, led by the ‘Production Line’ (Howe / Lindsay / Abel), marked a terrific year in Red Wing history. Not only did Lindsay, Abel & Howe finish 1-2-3 in league scoring, but the team took the Stanley Cup – beating the Rangers 4-3 in the best of 7 series. This year also marked the first time NHL rinks painted the ice white!
1953-54        The 1953-54 jersey, as worn by league scoring leader Gordie Howe, marked yet another Stanley Cup title – the Red Wings would end up winning the coveted trophy 4 out of 6 years in the early to mid 50’s! Many fans look at the various Red Wings jerseys throughout history and see little change. The astute observer, however, will notice changes to the infamous ‘winged wheel’ – in regards to size, placement & colour schematics. 

1954-55        This season marked the 4th Stanley Cup in 6 years for the Red Wings! The men from Motown, led by Howe, Reibel and Delvecchio, beat the Canadiens 4-3, marking the last time Detroit would drink from Lord Stanley’s mug until 1996-97. An interesting side-bar note…in 1951-52, the NHL ruled that home teams were to wear white jerseys, and away teams – dark. For the 1954-55 season, the league reversed this rule, having the home team wear dark or coloured uniforms. Thus, the 54-55 jersey showcased in this trio is actually the Red Wings’ HOME sweater! This rule would stay in effect until the 1970-71 season, when the NHL would revert back to the original ruling (home team wearing white).


1962-63        This ROAD jersey has a few interesting changes from past uniforms: the ‘winged wheel’ is much higher on the chest, there are now numbers on both sleeves, and a narrow, white stripe exists below the red one – at the base of the sweater. Later in Red Wings’ history – this bottom white stripe will widen. Normally, most fans associate white jerseys with home teams. The reason this sweater is the Red Wings’ ROAD uniform is as follows: in 1951-52, the NHL ruled that home teams were to wear white jerseys. In

1954-55, they reversed this rule, maintaining that home teams were to wear dark or coloured jerseys. Home teams would wear dark uniforms right up to the 70-71 season – when the NHL would revert back to its 51-52 ruling (of home team wearing white or light jerseys). 


1968-69        This jersey, as worn by Howe, Delvecchio and Mahovlich (all finishing in the top 10 in league scoring), features a few neat differences: note the absence of the thin, white stripe at the base of the sweater (as opposed to the 62-63 version). If you take a close look at the ‘winged wheel’, you’ll notice that by this time, the top & bottom of the wheel have changed colours. What used to be red is now white, and vice versa. The size of the striping pattern in the wheel has also been modified.


1972-73        By this time, the immortal Gordie Howe is gone…after an incredible 24 seasons of donning the red & white (1947-48 to 1970-71)! The Red Wings enter a period of lean years, often finding the franchise near or at the bottom of their division (throughout the 70’s and early 80’s). Loyal Red Wings’ fans that stuck with their team, would eventually see the formation of a Norris division juggernaut by the mid to late 80’s. The ROAD jersey showcased here, synonymous with Detroit great Mickey Redmond, shows how the ‘winged wheel’ has gone through yet more transformations: by this time, the striping pattern is different at the top of the wing, and red has been once again added to the base of the wheel.


1991-92        This year marks the NHL’s 75th anniversary – commemorated by the Original Six teams sporadically wearing ‘throwback’ uniforms. Interestingly, the Red Wings’ throwback jersey honours the Detroit sweater from 1927-28 – even though the franchise is known as the Cougars and not the Red Wings! Note the commemorative patch on the right shoulder – something all NHL teams wore that year.


1996-97        The Red Wings, an offensive force and perennial division leader throughout the late 80’s and 90’s finally win another Stanley Cup – ending 42 years of futility. Denied by the Devils in 1995, this team, led by its captain Steve Yzerman, and other notables such as Federov, Shanahan and Lidstrom sweep the Flyers 4-0 to win the first of back-to-back titles! Note the special Stanley Cup patch on the right shoulder – something both the Red Wings & Flyers wore for the series. The ’97 cup celebration, however, was met with tragedy – when following the victory, defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov and masseur Sergei Mnatsakanov are severely injured in an automobile accident. The following year, the Red Wings wore a special patch to honour their fallen comrades – with the word ‘believe’ in both English & Russian emblazoned in the middle. Though one of the cleanest and simplest in design, the Red Wings uniform, to the untrained eye, seems to have gone through very few changes throughout the franchise’s history. To the astute observer, however, the infamous ‘winged wheel’ icon has changed often in size, shape, placement, and colour configuration over the some-odd 65 years the team has had it as its symbol! Take a close look at each of the 9 ‘winged wheel’ sweaters showcased on this poster and see how many changes you can spot!    But one thing has not changed for the Red Wings and their fans … accumulating

STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!   2002 and 2008!!!



The Detroit Red Wings: “Red And White, Forever,”



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