The Uniforms of the Chicago Blackhawks!


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Titled “Evolution Of A Legend” and licensed by the National Hockey League, we present the uniforms history of the Chicago Blackhawks.


Please note the print visuals shown here on our website simply cannot do justice to the meticulous detail of the actual print.  In addition, the year each uniform was first introduced is inscribed underneath.  Please also note the uniforms print you receive may have been updated with additional uniforms than what is shown on the print displayed above.


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Here then is the history of the Blackhawks’ Uniforms …


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The Western Hockey League is disbanded after the 1925-26 season, and coffee baron Major Frederic McLaughlin is convinced to purchase the Portland Rosebuds. A consortium headed by McLaughlin buys the franchise for $200,000, moves the team to the Windy City and changes the name. Supposedly, McLaughlin named the team the ‘Blackhawks’ for two reasons: he was an ex-military commander, who belonged to the 85th Blackhawk Division in World War I…and a ‘Chief Blackhawk’ was the leader of an Indian tribe in the Midwest. The Blackhawks, using the Chicago Coliseum as their home, readied to begin NHL play for the 1926-27 season – as one of 10 teams. Led by such ex-Portland personnel as Dick Irvin, Sr. (who would later coach), Rabbit McVeigh, and Percy Traub and joined by newcomer Babe Dye – the Blackhawks finished their inaugural season a respectable 19-22-3 for 3rd in the ‘American Division’.  Note the unique, 2 colour, striped uniforms the Blackhawks used for the better part of their 1st decade (they were 1 of 3 teams to use a 2-colour scheme – Toronto & Detroit being the others!) Also note the ‘Chief Blackhawk’ logo on the chest – an icon the team still uses to this day!

1928-29        This jersey is the same as the previous one with the colours reversed. The early to mid-30’s were an bittersweet period for the franchise – punctuated by the following ups & downs: by 1932-33, the team was playing their games at the fabled Chicago Stadium…the 1933-34 season saw the Blackhawks win their 1st Stanley Cup only to lose their star goaltender, Charlie Gardiner to a brain hemorrhage 2 months later.

1935-36        By the 1935-36 season, the team’s uniform was converted to the more recognizable 3-colour scheme of black, red & white – but the team, minus Gardiner, was not considered a Cup contender. McLaughlin, challenging Canada’s ‘grip’ on hockey, decides to build an all-American Blackhawks squad – and actually wins the Stanley Cup in the 1937-38 season – defeating the heavy favourite Maple Leafs!


1946-47        This jersey, synonymous with Chicago greats such as the Bentley Brothers (Max & Doug), and Bill Mosienko is showcased for the highly unusual striping pattern on the sleeves and body of the jersey! You’ll also notice that ‘Chief Blackhawk’ is also now in full colour. Keep an eye on this fellow…he undergoes many subtle changes throughout Chicago’s history. For you Blackhawks’ trivia buffs: did you know that the team’s nickname was usually written as two words – Black Hawks – right up until the 1985-86 season? 


1952-53        Note the smaller version of ‘Chief Blackhawk’ on the 1952-53 jersey! How about the red ‘yoke’ on the shoulders – something the team had early on in their history, but would eventually drop by the 50’s. Look closely between the 46-47 and 52-53 versions and you’ll notice the font change in the circular logo – the 52-53 sweater features a serif font. An interesting side-bar note…in 1951-52, the NHL ruled that home teams were to wear white jerseys, and away teams – dark…staying this way until the 1954-55 season, when the league would reverse this rule, having the home team wear dark or coloured uniforms. Thus, the 52-53 jersey showcased here is the Blackhawks’ ROAD sweater.

1953-54        This HOME jersey, as worn by top 10 scoring leader Jim McFadden, is very clean & elegant! Notice the fact that the striping pattern has been simplified from the 46-47 and 52-53 versions. For the 1954-55 season, the NHL imposed a rule change stating home teams were to wear DARK or coloured uniforms with visitors wearing white or light. The jersey scheme would stay this way right up until the 1970-71 season.


1957-58        This is a great looking sweater, synonymous with Glenn Hall, and symbolizing a very trying time for the Blackhawks. The 50’s saw Chicago finish in the mid to lower echelon of the league. By this time, perennial top 10 scoring leader Ted Lindsay is involved in the infamous deal – sending him from the Red Wings to the Blackhawks and watching his point totals decrease dramatically. Lindsay would never again finish in the top 10. On positive notes, 1957-58 marked the rookie season of budding superstar – Bobby Hull – who would help the Blackhawks surge again! Glenn Hall is also amidst his record setting string of consecutive complete games by a goaltender – which finished at an incredible 502 games! There are many interesting features of the 57-58 sweater: note the laced collar, the fact that ‘Chief Blackhawk’ is much larger (and without the traditional circle and text!), the presence of the iconic tomahawks / ‘c’ design on the sleeves, and finally, numbers now exist directly above the tomahawks!


1962-63        Led by all-stars Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita, the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup once more in 1960-61 – helping erase the taste of a mediocre to poor 50’s decade for the franchise. The HOME jersey showcased here is similar in design to future ROAD jerseys well into the future (in 1970-71 the NHL would rule that home teams wear light or white jerseys!). Notice the facelift ‘Chief Blackhawk’ has undergone since the 1957-58 jersey!


1963-64        Boasting 3 players in the league’s top 10 scoring (Mikita, Hull  - who finish 1-2 & Kenny Wharam), the Blackhawks finish 2nd in the regular season, only 1 point behind the Canadiens! This sweater, as worn by Chicago rookie Phil Esposito, showcases some great changes from the 1957-58 version. The crossed tomahawks and ‘c’ have been shifted away from the sleeve stripes to the shoulders. Notice the thick, black cuffs on the base of the sleeves. The end of the Original Six era is drawing near (the NHL would expand for the 1967-68 season)…gone will be the days where 4 out of 6 teams would be strong enough to contend for the Stanley Cup! The mid 60’s were also notorious for Hull, Mikita and ‘Boom Boom’ Geoffrion introducing ridiculously exaggerated (banana) curved stick blades – whereas most NHL’s used straight blades.


1972-73        Led by such greats as Jim Pappin and Tony Esposito, Billy Reay’s Blackhawks win the West Division only to lose in the Stanley Cup final – bowing out to Scotty Bowman’s Canadiens 4 games to 2. This marks the 2nd time in the early 70’s that the Canadiens edge out the Blackhawks for the Cup! Sadly, for die-hard Chicago fans, the WHA has lured superstar Bobby Hull away for $1 million…one can only imagine the Cup outcome if Hull were still a Blackhawk! Note the collar on this year’s sweater – by this time, the laces had been removed, and it’s now striped.

1983-84        The NHL is now a 21-team league and find the Blackhawks nestled in the Norris Division. This jersey, synonymous with the Denis Savard & Steve Larmer era, is actually very similar to the 1963-64 version – note the alterations to ‘Chief Blackhawk’ from past years!

1991-92        The NHL celebrates its 75th anniversary! All Original Six teams wear ‘throwback’ jerseys to honour the occasion – with all franchises wearing the commemorative patch on the right shoulder. This jersey, as worn by Jeremy Roenick & Chris Chelios, pays homage to the style worn in the late 40’s and early 50’s. The Blackhawks of the late 80’s & early 90’s were often at or near the top of the Norris division…the 91-92 season would see them bow out to the Mario Lemieux-led Penguins in the Cup final 4-0.


1997-98        The Blackhawks say goodbye to their beloved Chicago Stadium in 1994 – the United Centre across the street is the new mailing address. By this time, many NHL franchises have introduced 3rd jerseys (with the exception of a few clubs such as the Canadiens & Red Wings!)…the Blachawks version is showcased here. Fans had a real appetite for these new incarnations…originally whetted by the ‘throwback’ jerseys worn in the 1991-92 season. And the Blackhawks and their fans say hello to … 2010 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!




The Chicago Blackhawks: “Evolution Of A Legend”



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